I am the living bread which has come down out of heaven: if any one shall have eaten of this bread he shall live for ever. John 6:51



今天在用縫紉機的同時,再一次聽了《等候神》的教導~「 1. 不可少的只有一件」

等候神 ~羅炳森師母~

任何時候,只要你 能夠,撥出幾分鍾的時間來,單單地等候耶穌---不必一定要祈禱,就是等候,注視祂的面龐,渴慕祂的同在。最初的時候,也許你似乎領受的不多,可是假如你 把握每一個機會,不久你的靈魂會飢渴地要祂,祂自己的甘甜會臨到你,你們會如同愛人一般,寧可悄悄的溜開,那怕是一兩分鍾,同祂在一起,勝過聊天、看書、 休息或吃東西。當你感到疲倦、急燥、情緒緊張時,幾分鍾的與祂相處,在祂同在的寧靜中,會甦息你,遠超過世上一切其他的。


我們眾人既然敞著臉,得以看見主的榮光,好像從鏡子裡返照,就變成主的形狀, 榮上加榮,如同從主的靈變成的。~哥林多後書三章十八節~ 

Waiting on God ~Martha W. Robinson~

Whenever you can, take a few minutes of just waiting on Jesus,-------- not necessarily praying but just waiting, looking into His face, desiring His presence. At first you may not seem to receive much; but if you take every opportunity, presently your soul will hunger for Him and the sweetness of Himself will come to you, and you will get like lovers, rather slip away with Him just for a minute or two than to talk, or read, or rest, or eat. And when you are tired, or rushed, or nervous, a few minutes with Him, in the stillness of His presence will rest you more than anything in the world.

If we looked at Jesus more, and ourselves, and our friends, and our trails, and our failures, and conditions of life, and the world, the flesh, and the devil less, we would reflect His image more and more; and the hardness and impurity, and temper, and selfishness would fade away, and tenderness, and purity, and gentleness, and love would take their places---- changing from glory to glory.

"But we all with unveiled face---- reflecting as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are transformed into the same image from glory to glory." II Cor.3:18(R.V.)